Well…it just goes to show… things are not what they seem

Welcome to Shadowtoons—-a safe harbor for the shadows that trail all the masks we’re forced to wear in daily social situations. Through cartoons, short essays, comedy clips, quotes, interviews, movie clips, and a growing collection of songs (the lattermost of which I call: “A Non-Chronological History of Sanjay in D Minor”), Shadowtoons is a space where hidden things are welcomed. Shame and disgrace are celebrated. Failure is held in esteem. Even longing for the sweet release of death is honored. Come here anytime to take off that burdensome social mask, breathe some clean air, and allow parts of yourself that you banish from consciousness to reclaim their dignity and place, if only for a few moments It may be that, like me, you’ll be moved to ask those shadows to forgive you for banishing them for so many years in the process of “normal” socialization.

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